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GhostBed VS Casper

GhostBed VS Casper

Casper is a globally recognized brand for selling online, direct-to-customer mattresses since last many years. It’s has been a tough competitor of GhostBed, who has recently been gaining popularity due to its high-quality mattresses and pillows. If you are interested in any of these mattresses but are confused regarding which one to go for, here is the comparison that may ease your task.So Who’s better Ghostbed vs Casper?


GhostBed offers a range of memory and latex foam mattresses.The mattress is 11 inches thick, made from a blend of memory and latex foam. It is a universal comfort model developed to suit the needs of most of the sleeping styles. The mattress uses 3 varied layers including a 1.5inch top cooling and comfort layer, 2″ Middle support layer and 7.5″ Bottom high-density foundation layer. The mattress uses 3 varied layers including a 1.5inch top cooling and comfort layer, 2″ Middle support layer and 7.5″ Bottom high-density foundation layer.

The cover of the mattress has been made with 100% polyester fabric and consists of a very different dimpled cover pattern that is both plush and stretchy.

The blend of memory and latex foam delivers support and responsiveness by means of the latex that provide pushback and prevents users from sinking into the foam.

There is “no hot sleeping” with GhostBed mattress, making it highly suitable for couples.

inking is highly based on your weight. A lot of hybrid and memory foam mattresses cause sinking especially at edges and less so when lying down. This mattress avoids this issue with minimal sinking even while sitting at the edge. The edge support of this mattress is impressive.

In terms of odors, the bed doesn’t release unpleasant odor while unboxing. Even if something minimal is present, it vanishes in a few hours.

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The mattress uses 3 varied layers, making 10inch mattress. These layers include a 1.5inch top layer of the latex foam, a 1.5inch middle layer of memory foam and a 7inch higher density bottom layer foam support that acts as the mattress’s foundation.

The memory foam is known to provide pressure relief and support as well as heat absorption, while the latex provides comfort and cooling advantages of latex and helps eliminate “sleeping hot” issue. The mattress’s cover has been made with 100 percent polyester and developed to help breathability.

This mattress has been built with medium firmness and is suitable for a wide range of sleeping preferences. However, its suitability is also based on your body’s weight. For sleepers having lesser weight, the firmness is ranked as 5 out of 10 (with 10 being the firmest), while for heavier sleepers, the firmness may come as 8 out of 10.

The latex layer of the mattress gives some bounce and springiness to the mattress, but with just 3 inch of the total comfort layer, it doesn’t stand out as better among other mattresses of this category. The mattress doesn’t sleep hot since the latex layer doesn’t  retain heat and it helps to cool the mattress. You may face much sinking with Casper if your weight is above 200 lbs. Though motion transfer is satisfactory yet the lack of support at the edge may seem problematic for the couples. As far as off-gassing is concerned, a minimal chemical odor is felt; however, it vanishes fast.

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GeneralCasper is a globally recognized brand for selling online, Recently been gaining popularity due to its high-quality mattresses
Foam Layers 1.5" responsive poly foam, 1.5" memory foam, 1.5" poly foam, 5.0" support foam1.5" synthetic Dunlop latex, 2" gel memory foam, 7.5" support foam
Covergood stretch and cooling, softSoft, thin, feels durable, good cooling
Warranty 10 Years20 Years
Refunds YesYes
ShippingFree, 1-5 daysFree,ships within 24 hours,



In motion isolation, GhostBed is better, feels to be of higher quality. It’s denser lower layers avoids sinking, even for the heavier people.

In edge support, Ghostbed is better than Casper as Casper sinks down near the edge, making it not a very great option for the couples.

Ghost bed is more affordable than Casper.

The warranty and free trial offer of GhostBed are also better than Casper.

We hope that this comparison will serve as a helpful starting point to begin your mattress search and set out for having a great mattress shopping experience. If you have any query, please contact us via our website.


Price Comparison

Twin XL$600$600
California King$925$1150
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