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9 Total Score
  • Good value


The Casper mattress is a blend of latex and memory foam, designed with an aim to deliver benefits of both the materials. The memory foam is known to provide pressure relief and support as well heat absorption. The latex, on the other hand, provides comfort and cooling advantages of latex and helps eliminate “sleeping hot” issue that memory foams were traditionally associated with.

The mattress uses 3 varied layers, making 10inch mattress. These layers include a 1.5inch top layer of the latex foam, a 1.5inch middle layer of memory foam and a 7inch higher density bottom layer foam support that acts as the mattress’s foundation. The mattress’s cover has been made with 100 percent polyester and developed to help breathability.

This mattress has been built with medium firmness and is suitable for a wide range of sleeping preferences. However, its suitability is also based on your body’s weight. For sleepers having lesser weight, the firmness is ranked as 5 out of 10 (with 10 being the firmest), while for heavier sleepers, the firmness may come as 8 out of 10.

This affects mattress’s usability for couples, since what may feel good for one person might not seem favorable to another, unless they both are of the same weight and have same sleeping patterns and preferences. The overall support is not bad with this mattress; however, there is minimal edge support.

The latex layer of the mattress gives some bounce and springiness to the mattress, but with just 3 inches of the total comfort layer, it doesn’t stand out as better among other mattresses of this category. The thin fabric cover is also just a simple white fabric that is not that comfortable as required. It is though fairly porous and helps breathability but is not very durable.

The mattress doesn’t sleep hot since the latex layer doesn’t not retain heat and it helps cooling the mattress. You may face much sinking with Casper if your weight is above 200 lbs. Though motion transfer is satisfactory yet the lack of support at the edge may seem problematic for the couples. As far as off-gassing is concerned, minimal chemical odor is felt; however, it vanishes fast.

As compared to other similar mattresses available online today, we won’t say that the Casper mattress is the best choice; however, if you are looking for a simple, short-term and cost-effective solution, this makes a nice option.


Twin XL$600
California King$1150

Other Details

  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Trial Period – 100 nights
  • Shipping – Free shipping, comes compressed in a box in 2-7 business days

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9 Total Score

Value mattress

  • Good value
  • Edge support
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