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Bеѕt Mattress For Athletes - HACKED BY CASPER

Bеѕt Mattress For Athletes

Mattress For Athletes must be able to provide proper comfort and back support for preventing back pain and keeping the spine structure in optimal shape Do you know that a bad mattress is one of the key reasons for a back pain? This has been revealed by one of the research reports issued by the British Chiropractic Association. The report found that a bad mattress was the leading cause of neck or back pain among 8 percent of the mattress users! And if you are an athlete, you must be especially cautious about your mattress choices since the wrong mattress can badly affect your fitness as well as performance.

A bad mattress, delivering inadequate support, results in improper sleeping position and strain muscles. The spine alignment is affected, which eventually causes back pain. This article presents the top three mattress choices for fitness conscious people, especially athletes, in view of their special professional fitness requirements.

1.The Mattress by DreamCloudSleep

DreamCloudSleep mattresses are the perfect blend of comfort and technology to ensure maximum support for the body. The mattresses by DreamCloudSleep are hand tufted mattresses having foam and springs, which not only make these luxurious hybrid mattresses soft and comfortable, but also body friendly.  The mattresses come with a true tufted cashmere cover that increases the softness and breathability of the mattress. The gel-infused foam under the cover stays cool by controlling the temperature. Gel-infused foams support the body very well, giving a true classic hybrid feel.

The memory foam of the mattresses is embedded with latex and pocketed coils, providing the body a significant pressure relief foam having an added bounce that is ideally firm. The soft foam keeps the back aligned and cradles the spine. It implies that your back is protected in all sleeping positions.

Moreover, the premium look of the mattress, the stitched handles at the sides and pocket coil technology that lets you pack your mattress in a box make an ideal package all together. The Queen size mattress is available at $1,199 with lifetime warranty.


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2. Nectar Sleep

The mattress by Nectar presents a lifetime product that provides a significant support to the body. The 11 inches Nectar foam mattress is made up of 4 sturdy yet comfortable foam layers, including the top comfort later, support layer, transition layer, and the foundation layer at the bottom. Nectar mattresses are covered with a cover made up of a soft staple cotton that includes Tencel. Being softer than silk, more absorbing than cotton and cooler than linen, the cover provides a comfortable and peaceful sleep with a complete support to the back. The easy air flow at the top layer and ability to resist bugs make these mattresses even more health-friendly. It is by far the most economical luxury coil mattress in the market.

The two sets pf custom designed coils bring various benefits to the body. The first set is made up of tempered steel that prevents sagging, while the another set called the comfort coils are wrapped individually so as to contour the body shape. Besides being highly comfortable, the reviews show that the Nectar mattresses work especially well for patients faced with continuous back pain.

The mattress offers medium level firmness while its topmost comfort layer feels soft and luxurious. The denser foam foundation layers make it especially suitable for obese people. It has least level of sinking and motion transfer and is free of off-gassing problem. The Queen size mattress is available at $795 with lifetime warranty.

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The Layla mattress bears significance among other mattresses due the fact that it is reversible. Its one side is firm and other one is soft. It implies you can have either of the sleeping experience from one mattress. The Layla mattress is highly acknowledged by the users having hectic schedule and back or lumber pain. The mattress has been designed to support the body recovery of athletes and people who desire full physical fitness. Due to this, many hardcore athletes, triathletes and marathon runners have been using Layla mattresses.

These mattresses use compression garments with copper infused within, which enhances the circulation and relieves pain. The memory foam and copper have been infused to bring an enhanced level of support for the body. The copper cells prevent heat absorption by the mattress while producing a cooling effect. This temperature controlling feature keeps the body comfortable and results in a sound sleep.

In terms of support, Layla mattress’s foam pushes back against the body initially and then gradually adapts to the body contouring needs and lumbar regions, preventing any sudden stress. The Queen size mattress is available at $899 with lifetime warranty.

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