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Best Mattress For Back Pain

Best mattress for back pain

If you have been a back-pain patient or even if you want to prevent you and your family from being a victim of this condition in future.  You must know that using the wrong mattress can actually worsen or cause lower back pain. As per one of the research reports published by the British Chiropractic Association, usage of bad matters was identified as the leading cause of back or neck pain among 8 percent of the respondents.

The insufficient support from the mattress leads to repeated improper sleeping posture and strain muscles, affecting the spine alignment and eventually causing back pain. Sleep comfort is also affected when the mattress is not a good match to one’s sleeping preferences. As stated by Jeffery N. Katz, Professor at the Harvard Medical School, changing the mattress can bring a huge difference in back pain relief. An ideal mattress is one that ensures both back support and comfort for reducing or avoiding back pain, enabling spine structures to really relax and rejuvenate throughout the night. In this article, we have picked some of the best mattresses for back pain patients. These options are equally perfect for people who are seeking something to avoid this problem in the future.

  1. The Mattress by Nectar

The mattresses by Nectar have been made as luxury coil mattresses but with affordable prices, since these mattresses are usually sold directly to the customers.

Nectar mattress presents a great option. The mattress uses two sets of custom designed coils. The first is the tempered steel for preventing long term sagging while comfort coils are wrapped individually to contour your body’s shape. If you have ever slept in some good hotel, you must have felt very relaxed in the morning. Why is this so? Well, more and more luxurious hotels are now using Nectar mattresses due to their immense comfort level.

Apart from its absolute comfort, hundreds of reviews about these mattresses have shown that these mattresses are highly effective for patients having persistent back pain. Even, many orthopedics, back-pain specialists and chiropractors have recommended these mattresses to their patients, as reported via reviews of users sharing their personal experience.


If you have a back pain, we recommend you to go for this  Firm since it offers medium level firmness that is ideal for relaxing your back.

Lastly, you can enjoy the 365-days free trial of this mattress!

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  1. The Reverse Mattress by Amerisleep

Amerisleep is known as the pioneering brand that introduced the idea of selling mattresses online. Due to online selling to direct customers, it successfully maintains its affordability. The mattresses by Amerisleep are highly eco-friendly, blending plant-based foam with an impressive luxury finish. Through its Reverse bed, the brand pairs a thick layered memory foam with a high-quality and highly supportive base layer. The bed completely contours one’s body, comforting it evenly over the surface to avoid pressure points. It greatly helps in optimal spinal alignment for relieving lumbar and other back pain problems.

The signature series of mattresses by the company makes use of a memory foam having a high percentage of plant-extracted materials, developed in a zero-emission production facility. This process helps to make memory foam quite breathable and highly responsive. The beds by Amerisleep feature Celliant, which is the mineral based fiber fitted in the mattress cover’s fabric. You probably wouldn’t have known that this material has scientifically been proven to promote blood circulation and ease muscles stiffness and pain, by absorbing excess heat in the body and turning it into beneficial infrared energy.

The Reverse bed enjoys a great reputation of providing immense comfort. Also, as per a lot reviews, improved back pain and pain relief has been observed as some of the major benefits of using this bed for many years. In addition, other firmer and plusher options are also available for people having lower back pain.

Due to Amerisleep’s 100 days’ free trial offer, this mattress is completely risk-free to try and if you are not satisfied with it, you can get your money refunded.

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  1. The Mattress by Layla

The third and last mattress of our list is another novel idea that is witnessing great success particularly among people who have a hectic work schedule and are suffering from lumber or back pain. The mattress by Bear has been developed to facilitate the body recovery of professional players and athletes, and people who want to maintain their peak performance even for the days when they have limited time to sleep.  We have seen that users of Layla mattresses include hardcore athletes, marathon runners and triathletes training their body roughly on a frequent basis.

The Layla engineers have developed a unique type of fabric that reflects back the natural heat in the body as infrared energy, Thе Lауlа mаttrеѕѕ has соmрrеѕѕіоn gаrmеntѕ and сорреr іnfuѕеd іn іt tо іmрrоvе circulation and help rеlіеvе раіprocess, without making the bed overheated.

If you have a back pain due to muscles’ stiffness, this mattress brings a big difference in your sleeping due to its strong resting effect. In addition, the deeper layers are made to offer the precise firmness level for the correct back posture during the right. Credit goes to its mix of gel-infused foam and memory foam. The medium firm support and unique Celliant technology make this mattress a high ranked choice among users having back pain.

Lastly, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty, exclusively offered by the Layla

We hope that you will consider incorporation of any of these mattresses as a part of your back-pain remedy plan and get fruitful results. Don’t forget to share your feedback and reviews on our website.
Layla Mattresses – Try Me for 4 months
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