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Best Mattress For Heavy Pepole

Best Mattress for Heavy People

The plus-size people or heavy people usually encounter various problems when it comes to choosing their desired mattress. They generally need more customization as compared to ordinary mattress buyers, in addition to having even more factors to consider to make their purchase. If you are facing the similar situation, or looking for the best mattress for heavy people, be it your family member, friend or a guest, this article might be of great help. In this article, we have recommended the list of the most suitable mattresses for heavy people, especially on the basis of their needs and comfort and support requirements so as to help them have a proper sleep.

It is to be noted that current market trends are highly fluctuating. Each day we have a new range available. Many new mattress-brands offering mattresses for heavy people are coming online, having engineered and durable products tailored as per their specific body structure. To give our readers more clarity, we have given our recommendations for the best mattress under various categories.

The Performance Mattress: AmeriSleep

As stated by Amerisleep , the mattresses they offer Thickness between 10-14 inches s.

What we specially love about this option is its coolness. The polymer elastic grid that is fitted just below the mattress ticking, and through which a hot air passes through, doesn’t make you sleep hot on this mattress at all. It highly supports heavy people’s back very well, preventing them feeling sore in the morning. There is a bounce with the mattress as the grid recovers instantly making it quite easy to change your positions at night.

The mattress by Amersleep  deploys a very advanced technology that is also very cost-effective. The ideal firmness for Heavy people is between Medium to Firm,Amerisleep due to the thicker comfort layers is the most Recommended  for heavy people

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Memory Foam Mattress: Loom & Leaf

The mattress by Loom & Leaf is a highly substantial and long lasting memory foam mattress, which provides premium comfort and uplifted support for heavy people. Plus-size people are not going to bottom out on Loom & Leaf mattress.

Having a layer of 5 lbs. foam and an upper layer of convoluted foam and cooling gel, the mattress is recognized to provide good breathability. The 12-inch mattress thickness makes the bed look appealing and seem very inviting. Since Loom & Leaf utilizes dense foams, the mattress is long lasting. You are going to get enough pressure relief with it without skinning into it. It might be a little slower mattress to recover due to the foam; however, once you determine your relaxing position, you don’t even need to change your positions in the night.

Most Popular Matresss: Nectar

The mattress by nectari is an 11 inches’ foam mattress that consists of 4 layers of multiple foams, including Top comfort layer, support layer, transition layer and foundation layerwhich you can flip where one side is firm while the other side is soft. What we especially love about this is that it is also available for 365 days trial!.

The Most Comfortable Mattress


It is indeed true that finding the best mattress for heavy people can be overwhelming and confusing in various terms. However, this article intends to help all these buyers cut through this noise. This is a highly researched list that we have considered after studying hundreds of brands and their mattresses. Hopefully, the options discussed above will prove to be the best choices for heavy people. In addition, you can browse through a world of choices available at our website with complete descriptions, comparisons and reviews. If you want to know more about the latest mattresses trends in the market, stay tuned to our blog in future. To get your queries answered, you can always write to us.

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