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Best Mattress For Teenagers

Best Mattress for Teenagers

Teenagers have quite a lot on their plates. Teenagers juggle schools, post-school activities, peers and friends, and maybe part-time jobs, and all while dealing with their body that changes in several ways. As much pivotal physical growth and development occurs to the body in one’s teen years, it is imperative that teens sleep on the mattresses that sufficiently support their bodies.

Many teenagers use twin mattresses, but by the time they grow and develop, that twin mattress may become inadequate. Full, Full XL and Twin XL mattresses usually provide teens such a sleep surface that adequately support their body and facilitate faster growth and development.

No matter what mattress size is best for your kids, it is also important that mattress offers the right level of support and comfort for the way they sleep. It is recommended to include teens in discussion while deciding about the mattress for them. Determine their regular sleeping positions, comfort preferences and current physical conditions to make sure you buy the mattress that gives them the best sleep possible

choosing the right mattress for teens is important,

can also be judged based on the research according to Canadian Paediatric Society’s Adolescent Health Committee that states that teenagers might need up to 9-10 hours of sound sleep at night. This necessitates having a mattress that is best suited to their sleeping needs. Moreover, selecting a mattress for a teenager needs to consider some special factors. One of these factors is the value of the mattress. Teens usually outgrow their bed with time as they reach adulthood, implying that a costly mattress may not be a wise investment for the parents. Another factor is conforming ability since teens often experience pains by the time their body grows, which leads to aches and discomfort on a frequent basis. The mattresses that conform nicely to align the back and spine and relief pains are better options for most of the teens, as compared to those offering a minimal level of conforming. Other factors to consider include mattress noise potential and size.

In this post, we have shared the top three Mattress for teenagers recommendations based on all these factors. These are some of the best mattresses for teenagers available in the market, designed and manufactured with pressure relief, growth support, cooling technology and cost in mind. Have a look at these recommended mattresses and choose the perfect one for your teens.

The Performance Mattress: Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress offers a lot of support to the teenagers, in its 11-inches profile. The comfort layers of gel memory foam, as well as standard memory foam, provide the teenager’s body a pain relief in the shoulders, back, neck and legs. The core features of the mattress are:

  • It offers medium firmness, which is suitable for most of the teenagers
  • It provides pressure relief and closes conforming
  • Cooler than most of the other foam models
  • Trail available for 365 nights

The dual-layer polyfoam of the Nectar mattress maintains the bed surface and ensures minimal sagging. Being a medium firm, it is one of the most popular choices for a range of users, having weight from 130 LBS to 230 LBS. Its cover, made from lyocell and cotton, breathes easier. The mattress is virtually silent and light-weighted, which makes it easier for the tends to move it as per changing preferences regarding room settings. It’s an economical choice as its prices are on average, lower than the prices of most of the other memory foam mattresses.

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Layla mattress

The Layla mattress is one of the most popular memories foam models due to its flappable design. Its one side is firm, and another is medium soft, which makes it suitable for teenagers whose preferences for firmness level may change often. Just rotate this light-weighted mattress to adjust the firmness level. The core features of the mattress are:

  • Flappable design
  • Dual firmness (Firm, Medium Soft)
  • Great motion isolation
  • Close conforming and pressure relief
  • Trial available for 110 nights

The mattress has been made with copper-infused memory foam comfort layers, which offer good pressure relief and close conforming. Copper is known for helping blood circulation. The softer side of the mattress includes a layer of convoluted polyfoam for more support and cushioning. The shared support core is built with HD polyfoam that reinforces the mattress and maintains a comfy sleep surface.

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Luxi Mattress

The Luxi’s 3-in-1 mattress is highly flexible to adjust to the changing bodies of teens and is fully customizable to deliver three firmness levels. The mattress is a great investment for the teens whose sleeping needs might likely to change as fast as their mind. The notable features of Luxi mattress are:

  • Shape-adjusting technology for tailored comfort
  • Economical foam mattress
  • The ability for pain relief in all positions
  • The trail is available for 100 nights

Luxi is an ideal option for changing sleeping preferences. With changing bodies and growth spurts, the sleeping preference of kids may change abruptly. The mattress offers high versatility along with support for back, side and front sleepers. Since luxi is built with shape-adjusting technology, the pressure relief is its priority, offering pressure points’ pain relief in all positions. The mattress is a cooling memory foam mattress, developed with open-cell foam and covered with a breathable fabric cover. The memory foam mattress keeps the teenager cool the entire night.

Luxi mattress consists of three layers that you can adjust for the desired level of firmness as per the teenager’s preferences. Built with support balancing technology, its softest layer offers high cooling as well as body contouring, while minimizing the motion transfer. The second layer is the adaptive transition later that is of medium-firmness, with ideal sink and support. If you want the firmest surface, just flip the mattress. The shape-matching layer of the mattress supports body weight for all sleeping positions, including side, back and front.

Luxi Mattress

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The Final Verdict

Nectar mattress is an ideal choice for most of the sleepers; back, side, stomach. It is good for teens in average and heavyweight groups. It is especially recommended for back pain sufferers and those who like to sleep hot on foam beds.

Layla mattress is a great choice for side and back sleepers, teens for all weight groups, those having to change firmness preferences and those needing improved blood circulation.

Luxi mattress is an ideal choice when your teens have to change sleeping needs and preferences, and you may need different firmness levels with time.

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