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Aloha Sleep

Aloha Sleep
7.5 Total Score
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Are you on a hunt for mattresses that would provide you with stress-free, easy going, and comfort all in one mattress? Aloha Sleep Lifestyle has the answer to all of your concerns, and it excels in providing an excellent range of mattresses that provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing sleep that you could ever ask for!

Aloha Sleep mattresses are made in the USA, and they are proclaimed as certified mattresses that do not use any harmful chemicals in its composition. Aloha Sleep mattress incorporates a cooling fabric which regulates the temperature as permitted by its users.

What sets Aloha Sleep mattresses apart from other mattresses is their unique and eye-striking features—which makes them a fan-favorite. They are not only comfortable but, they are also robust that provides complete value for money.

Thermostatic Feature

Aloha Sleep mattress incorporates a thermostatic feature in its composition which enables the user to sleep soothingly on the mattresses. Although the temperature is static, it is ideal for the users who tend to sweat in their sleep. The outer fabric in Aloha Sleep mattresses is composed of a phase change material or a cooling fabric which makes Aloha Sleep mattresses breathable and contributes to the adjustment of its temperature. It is designed in a way that it instantly absorbs your body heat, while aiding you to maintain an ideal bodily temperature in your sleep.

Adequate Firmness

The mattresses made by Aloha Sleep caters to the segment who are frequent back or stomach sleepers. It is ideal for the users who do not intend their mattresses to assist them with pressure relief in specific areas of their bodies. However, it is ideal for the users who tend to sleep on their back.

Comfort Layer

Aloha Sleep mattresses incorporate gel foam in its composition which determines the comfort-factor of the mattresses. Using gel foam in a mattress is known for alleviating pressure in the specific parts of your body while maintaining the posture of your body. Also, its composition also provides a robust and appealing support to your back.



Price Aloha Sleep

Twin XL$599
California King$899

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Other Details

  • Warranty – 10Years
  • Trial Period – 500nights




749 799

7.5 Total Score
Great value

great fit for a stomach or back sleeper

  • Price
  • Trail period
  • less edge support
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