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Hyphen Sleep

Hyphen Sleep
9 Total Score
  • really comfortable
  • no smell

Hyphen Sleep offers a unanimously affordable and comfortable mattress that attributes striking and innovating features to enhance and support muscle recovery along with a night of peaceful sleep.

Its unique contouring and bouncy features allow your body to relax completely. It comes with a multi-temperature setting feature which adapts to the needs of its users and helps them to sleep contentedly for a night. Hyphen Sleep is an affordable, innovative, and attractive way to sleep well at nights.

It is made using a distinguished mix of comfort-inducing materials and three comfort layers that are covered by a fabric cover top layer to amp-up the comfort-ability and supportability factor in your mattress.


Hyphen Sleep excels in providing hyphen mattresses that are the epitome of luxury and console in a mattress. It is designed in a way that ensures excellent contouring and body hug to your body. Its comfortable and well-embedded layers facilitate you to adjust your body without any additional struggles. Hyphen Sleep mattresses enable your muscles and tissues to recover in the shortest span of time—and it plays an imperative role in giving you a night of comfortable sleep.


Hyphen Sleep is renowned for providing hyphen mattresses that provide the utmost support to your body. They are built using multiple layers which contributes to its supportability. Hyphen Sleep mattresses have earned the reputation for making mattresses that give your body a therapeutic comfort and support. It proves beneficial in alleviating pain from your back or lower body.

Construction and Materials

Hyphen mattress is simple in its composition which includes three layers of foam which further incorporates customized Hyphen Foam into its structure. The hyphen foam used in the production of hyphen mattress plays an essential role in contouring the shape of your body in your sleep. It also contributes to the bounciness and responsiveness of the mattress in your sleep. Hyphen Sleep’s mattresses also include latex and memory foam into its composition.


Price Hyphen Sleep

Twin XL$675
California King$1095

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Other Details

  • Warranty – 20 Years
  • Trial Period – 100 nights




950 950

9 Total Score
comfortable mattres

comfort-inducing materials and three comfort layers that are covered by a fabric cover top layer t

  • really comfortable
  • no smell
  • less edge support
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