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8.5 Total Score
  • pressure relief and comfort.

Snuz Mattress Review

There are very few online mattress companies that offer mattress that is economical and latest at the same time. Sleep choices seem to be one of the companies that are on the same track. Snuz mattress is their first mattress line released to the public. This is a hybrid mattress that claims to be the best and unique mattress available according to their manufacturers. We will review this mattress in this article and will find out whether they are right about it or just bragging it for the sake of sales.

Starting from the cover of the mattress which is unique in design and has a character in it. Sleep choices have shown some creativity in the design of the cover. The cover of the mattress is light blue and is zipped for easy cleaning. Not only clean but it is also engineered to keep the mattress cool and protected from dust mites. Beneath this cover, there are three layers of the mattress. The first layer of the mattress is made up of high-density polymer foam which is best to reduce the pressures on the shoulders and hips regions. This technology is also known to move the sleeper into a deep sleep mode. After this layer, there is charcoal infused memory foam. We all know that charcoal is a natural odor eliminator and it can absorb moisture. This means that it will add another layer of comfort to the mattress. The last layer of the mattress is named as support layer because it supports the base of the mattress. This layer is there to keep the mattress intact for a longer period


The first layer of the mattress that comes right after the cover, gives a memory foam feel to the user. This makes it easy for the user to move around on the mattress and you don’t feel stuck on top of it. The mattress is designed for all body types and different types of sleepers. Sleep choice engineers have focused on maintaining a bounce in the mattress so that it can provide good conformity to the body. Even the side sleepers will enjoy their time on the mattress because the lighter side of mattress sinks into the foam and then provided the best support to the body.

One more important feature of the mattress is that it is engineered to reduce the motion. In case you have a partner that moves too much while sleeping then this mattress can minimize the motion that is transferred to you. Furthermore, there are no overheating issues with this mattress as there is charcoal infused foam installed on the mattress. The charcoal disperses the heat produced by the body, and with the additional airflow, the mattress remains nice and cold throughout the night.


No doubt, Snuz is one of the affordable mattresses available in the market that is equipped with the latest technology and has all the features that a hybrid mattress should have. Although it is a little firm for the stomach sleepers it is best for the other types of sleepers and which is why we would recommend investing in a Snuz mattress.


Twin XL$690
California King$950

Other Details

  • Warranty – 10Years
  • Trial Period – 100nights



8.5 Total Score
Good foam mattress

minimal motion transfer good price

  • pressure relief and comfort.
  • less edge support
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